Thursday, May 21, 2009

In the evening

I was thinking last night about how I used to babysit for a family down the street when I was in high school, and how I used to blast the stereo into a set of headphones once the kids had gone to bed. This couple had the most extensive CD collection I've ever seen to this day, and each time I was there the first one I headed for was a particular Led Zeppelin CD, the first song on which was entitled, "In the Evening". Those are the first three words of the song, sung in a synthesized a capella sort of way and then they totally rock out. It made me feel free and I loved it.

These last few evenings have been freeing as well, as we slowly shed our winter selves, where the grassy fields beg for bare feet and simple play. Allie spent the better part of her afternoon and evening picking the teeny wild strawberries that have popped out all over, and with her continued love of "baking", she made a cake with what else, but a strawberry on top.

I'm happy to kick off the one pair of shoes I live in from now until October, and feel the cool grass on my feet,

and make repeated visits to the honeysuckle, just like I made a point to do when I was a child. Only then I would stand for extended periods, picking each flower and pulling out the stamen to suck the sweet juice from the flower. Do kids do that anymore? Tonight I think I'll teach mine how.

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Anonymous said...

Spring nights I would fall asleep with the smell of the honeysuckle gently blowing in the breeze of open window. Yummmmm. And yes, I've taught my kids how.