Friday, August 22, 2008


I know, I know, it's kinda getting like the never ending slide show of your friend's vacation pictures that you never really wanted to see. But I promise it's almost over.

Part of the purpose of this blog is to serve as a little online scrapbook of sorts since I'm not the kind of girl who takes all the time (not to mention money) to actually make them in hard copy. So it's family memories as well as knitting, the business and all my other typical ramblings.

I've also been playing around with Picasa2 which I actually think is fun. Imagine that, fun on the computer. Who would have guessed?

Big daddy kayaker. He even got me out on that thing! It was fun but I'll keep those pictures to myself. I'm a bit wary of the big wide ocean, especially when I'm sitting just a few inches above it far away from land. It's really Jaws that did it to me. That, and the huge purple jellyfish I was riding over and the feeding sting rays that were launching themselves a foot or two out of the water. I wasn't out there long. I do however wish I'd gotten a close up of the dolphins that made their way up and down the length of the beach every day. Just like clockwork. What a sight.

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puffthemagicrabbit said...

Slide show away...I never mind looking at beach pictures, no matter whose they are.