Sunday, August 3, 2008


1. John has taken to making microscopic origami. He's been mildly obsessed with it since he learned some in a camp this summer. The boy cracks me up and amazes me all at the same time. Of course the microscopic part was his own idea. The Legos are just about out of hand. Every day he painstakingly constructs a new boat to take with him to the pool. I'm sorry for the other mothers because he's now got about 3 or 4 other boys doing the same thing.

2. The porch is now classified as "unfinished but fully functional". So it fits right in with the rest of the house. I swear when I'm 60 I'm still going to be describing the house as a work in progress. At least it's always interesting. The odd post up there is because it's a new one. The span of the roof was too heavy for the number of posts that were there originally. The step is just temporary. The plan is to tear out the border and make the step wrap around the length and width of the whole thing. I'm so glad we decided on wood instead of redoing the concrete. It's much brighter, softer, homier and more welcoming. It even looks bigger somehow.

You might wonder why there's a new chimney cap sitting on the porch. That's because the old one was smashed when a huge branch fell on the house Friday night. I was sitting in the room below it and it was so loud and long that I thought the porch Kevin had just finished was falling down. It was so big he couldn't even move it and had to saw it up right there. Never a dull moment.

3. The first of my organic offerings are now in the shop. I ordered some other organic yarn and have been waiting all week to get it. I just about can't wait and hope it comes tomorrow.

4. This crazy thing happens every year and I'm jealous, one of my friends makes it an annual event for she and her husband and another couple. She says they come back looking much like the Beverly Hillbillies with cars and trucks completely loaded down with antiques and other wonderful old stuff. They must have some patient husbands!

5. Last but not least, the Goochland market is really taking off. The past two Saturdays there were 1,230 and 1,350 people there and today's issue of Discover Richmond (an insert in the paper) listed it as one of the best kept secrets in Richmond. It's totally the little market that could!


Happyplace. said...

I just spit coffee at my computer! I couldn't help myself...when I read the line, "The steps are just temporary"...
(I'm still laughing)

(This is not meant to offend either yourself, or your brilliant carpenter husband, by the way!)

We moved into our house 11 years ago. One of the first things I had my carpenter-husband do was add on a deck. He also put in some temporary stairs. (He wanted some specific boards to use, or something.)
I'm still waiting. 11 years.
(They are held up with rocks, cracked in the middle of all 3, and mostly rotted. I don't know how we haven't broken a leg!)
Your porch looks awesome; I badly want to come visit so I might sit in the swing and knit the afternoon away. Just perfect!

patience said...

ughh....just left you a long comment that got lost in blogger upload...

I just LOVE the mini-origami. We (mostly josiah) have been obsessed with the bug-o-gami book. Jorge is a much better teacher than I am.

How lovely is your new porch? Can't you just feel the future of cool fall air while you rock/knit out there?

We are have the same Nikon/Cannon crisis over here. I HAVE to get something for my new PBS gig...We should discuss this...



Anonymous said...

Beautiful porch! I think old houses are always like farms- always "in progress"...