Monday, August 11, 2008

It's that time of year

The crepe myrtle are in full bloom, the drought has dried up the grass so much that it hurts to go barefoot, I'm reapeating myself to my kids, "Go outside. Go back outside", and I overhear mother after mother talking about feeling guilty for wishing school would start. The kids are wild and antsy, and mommy's trying to remain calm and understanding. One home-schooling friend of mine has started her kids back perhaps for this very reason.

To top it all off, we have another apparent injury in the house. Hopefully this time not too serious but with Allie it's hard to tell. She's my crier of wolf and wails at the most minute scratch. She took a tiny tumble down 3 steps this morning and has been limping around all day, saying how she needs to go to the doctor. She can walk on her foot, she can move her foot, it might be a little swollen but it's hard to tell and she laid under my chair at the pool for an hour poking at me, whining and looking all around miserable. One cast per summer is enough, isn't it?

As I type this she just called down the stairs and said, "Mom! It doesn't hurt!" Ahhh, the wonders of a little ibuprofen, an icepack, and the luxury of watching Spongebob on my bed. Let's hope for similar luck tomorrow.

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puffthemagicrabbit said...

Ahhhh, the countdown til school. It starts a week from tomorrow here, then preschool for the youngest starts Sept. 2- for the first time I will have a few hours all alone! I'll miss him dreadfully, but am looking forward to the peace. Glad the ibuprofen worked- when I play the Spongebob card, you know I'm desperate!