Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meet Sunny

She's the newest member of the family. She started out in a hunting pen with her 3 siblings, as the product of a yellow lab and a hunting hound. She was named Sunflower but we shortened it to Sunny to match her wonderful color and happy disposition.

In just a few short hours she's proven herself to be smart, extremely sweet and lovable, wonderful with children, easily trainable and quite interested in the cat. That introduction will happen gradually as she gets used to us and her new surroundings but for now we're just so happy to have her.

I feel like a proud mama all over again. She came home, we took a nice long walk around the house, she peed, she pooped, she met grandpa, daddy and the kids and now she's taking a well-earned nap in her crate. Ahhh, the simple life.


Anonymous said...

Welcome, Sunny! What a beautiful little girl- and lucky, too. She'll have a wonderful life. What fun!

Anonymous said...

oh...she looks so sweet. you guys needed a dog, everything just fits and is complete now.