Friday, August 1, 2008

The debate

The floor joists are in and the floor should follow very soon. We've come such a long way since the skunk episode. Last night we discovered that Mr. Groundhog had infiltrated the temporary blockade under the front porch. Kevin was promptly under the house and finally "bombed" the two remaining holes under there. Of course the instructions on the package read, "Do not use under inhabited dwellings." But we had them plugged up and the fan running again. Now, if we can bypass a dead smell in the next few days we'll be doing good.

For those who are super-observant and handy, yes, the joist hangers are upside down in the picture above. Don't worry, he's just laying them out so he can nail them in place.

The debate I mention is no longer about the porch, but about the camera. I've been polling everyone I can about what they have, what they like, don't like, etc. It seems there are two camps. The Nikon camp and the Canon camp. I'm not in any camp. Kevin says, "go ahead and get one". I say, we already have one and I'm willing to share. Blame it on my frugal nature, my midwestern upbringing, my position that if I already have one why do I need another. I am like that, good or bad. I'm not the kind of person credit card companies thrive on. If I have a pair of black shoes for church, why do I need another? I have a purse that suits me just fine and I paid $15 dollars for at TJMaxx, why do I need another? My one pair of jeans are nice, they fit, I'm not so fond of jeans in the first place, why do I need more? Hand-me-downs for the kids? Bring 'em on.

Then there's the business voice in my head that reminds me in the online world it's all about the picture. People are naturally drawn to well-taken, high quality photos and I get that, I am too. So to be competitive in the market and advance the business I think I'll have to bite the bullet I don't want to bite. It's one of those things I'm sure I'll wonder why I didn't do it sooner.

Hope you enjoyed this little figuring-it-out-while-I'm-writing moment. For the local folks, yes, I'll be at the market. If you're thinking about a hat or two for the Fall/Winter, place your orders now. The custom orders are cueing up and I'm going to try to stay organized and not too crazy busy to enjoy the Fall this year.

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*Michelle* said...

How many pairs of booties & hats would you have to sell to pay for a new camera? Are slightly better pics going to increase sales dramatically? Wait two weeks & then revisit the issue. You might decide what you have works well enough for now. ;)