Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bits and pieces

I tried to think of one title for this post that would encompass everything but it was nearly impossible. This may be a bit list-y but here goes.

Above you see the chocolate dipped pink lilac booties I finally listed in the shop. And on the topic of booties, I've been seriously remiss in announcing my rekindled friendship and affiliation with an incredible website called Craftsbury Kids. I sold some dolls with her back almost a year ago, and now she's offering a nice selection of my baby booties too! The link above sends you directly to the "meet the artists" page where you can see me :) and while you're there if you click the picture of the baby bootie it will show you the whole selection. We've already had our first sale and I'm so excited for what is to come. Thank you, Cecelia!

Currently on the needles (between making booties) are a pair of hot pink mittens. The brown one is from my favorite personal pair, the ones I wear nearly every day and from the pattern I made up as I went last winter. They are so warm in wool and mohair so I decided to spread the love and there was this hot pink yarn just sitting there so I said, why not? I'm getting them ready for a show this weekend.

I much prefer making mittens on two needles rather than in the round, I think they're much quicker.

As for the last bit, I thought I'd share the story from last night's dinner preparation. One of my favorite things about my kitchen is the under the cabinet radio with CD player Kevin bought me for Christmas a few years ago. It makes cooking so much more fun, since we have an old house that doesn't have a great room with stereo or TV access or people access for that matter. The radio keeps me company. So last night I had one song on repeat (I love that feature), "Old Man" by Neil Young. Now I'm not a huge Neil Young fan, but I definitely have admiration for the guy, anyone who can write and sing a song like that has something special, no matter how off beat he may be as a person. So I was dancing and singing and cooking and repeating off in my own little world, with the strange need to hear that song over and over and over and Kevin walks in and says facetiously, "gonna listen to a little Neil, honey?", raises his eyebrows as if to say, "what has gotten into you?" and walks out.

I love being married, and comfortable, and secure, not having to worry about what he thinks about me, just knowing that I can be a little off beat myself and each day we do nothing but grow closer together. Anyway, he should be happy, it's his CD.

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Pamela said...

It so pays off to have a name that starts with A! Good for you and Craftbury Kids!!!