Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mittens and stars

Normally it wouldn't take me two days to finish just one mitten, but that's precisely what has happened. I've been seriously distracted these days by things like Christmas, a certain little girl's 5th birthday fast approaching, making sure I'm on top of all that's going on with the kids, shopping for gifts on Etsy, and going on a very long search for the perfect Christmas tree topper.

We put the tree up last Sunday and when it came time to set the dilapidated angel up in its usual post, Kevin and I both said, nope, not this year. It needs to be a star. At which time the debate ensued about how I thought when we bought that angel he said we HAD to have an angel on top of the tree when I wanted a star and how he said we just bought it because we couldn't find anything better. I think we've had this same conversation every year for the past 10 and the end result is the same. The junky ol' wicker angel goes on top of the tree. Yes, I said wicker. Last year I remember thinking it was cute (that was the first time for that) but now it just looks sad and so I'm on a quest for a star.

I came up empty handed today, even searching out some of the cutest boutique-y places in the city. But I'm probably kidding myself because even if I find one I like I'll probably think it's too expensive. I came close at one store, Smith and Hawken, and of course their star was $42 and in my opinion waaaay too glittery. The girls would have loved it. Isn't $42 alot to pay for a star? I thought so, but then my idea of prices tends to be stuck back in the '80s and so when I see stars for $42 or jeans for $175 I'm taken aback.

And so one of two things may happen. Either the angel will go back atop the tree, or in true diy fashion, there just might be a home made star in the works.

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