Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting ready

Each year as the kids get a little older I seem to be that much more on top of getting ready for Christmas. Of course there's a ton left to be done, but I'm not in panic mode as in years past. Allie's birthday is also in December which throws in a nice little twist as does the fact that it's such a busy time for the business. And then on Dec. 26th it all comes to a screeching halt. Empty boxes and wrapping paper are strewn everywhere and Kevin and I find the couch so inviting after all the excitement and goings on.

I again have high hopes for finding the time (and yarn) to make socks and a sweater for myself, but I say that every year and so far I've failed miserably. I'm currently on the quest for the perfect pattern. Maybe this time I'll actually stick to it instead of improvising.

The kids are keeping us up-to-date on the daily countdown to Christmas with the Advent calendar and can hardly stand the wait. Their teachers may be in for an interesting week, and I will be in for an interesting two weeks that follow with them home from school.

Lauren let her teacher in on a little secret I thought I'd share about the all school spelling bee she's in but doesn't want to go to. Her teacher right now is actually a good friend who is the long-term substitute for her regular teacher during maternity leave, so she readily fills me in on everything that goes on. You know how I said we were bribing her to go with a doll, which she whole-heartedly agreed to? Well, she told my friend that while the spelling bee was going on, we'd be out buying her a doll, so she would just let us THINK she participated when she really didn't and would get the doll anyway. Alarming deception from our 6 year old. I fear the teen years.


puffthemagicrabbit said...

She'll be ruling the world before she's 10...

Jenny said...

Your Lauren sounds a lot like my Lauren (also age 6!). My dear child faked my signature on a discipline form that was supposed to go back to the teacher. Which was worse than what she did in the first place!

Good luck on the knitting for yourself! Isn't it always hardest to make something just for you?