Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Daily travels

It was time to restock some O-wool balance which meant heading into the city today to the only relatively local store that currently carries it. Despite the drive it's always a trip I look forward to, but I'm not so sure the store owners would say the same thing. We never fail to wreck the zen-like knitting ambience to varying degrees, based on the number of children I have along with me, the time of day and present mood of each. Luckily, it was just Allie and I today, which meant only having to tell her to stop messing with the yarn winder twice and catching her twice trying to unpin the newly knitted pieces they had blocking in the back. "Look with your eyes, not your fingers" is my frequently repeated mantra.

Now that I know the students from the local art school decorate their front window and store each Christmas, I'll have to make it a point to get down there each year this time. It was prettier than my pictures can convey, but here goes anyway.

And, as always, there was a good bit of goofing around in the wavy mirror outside the funky toy store next door. That's how I identify the yarn store for the kids. It's the one with the funny mirror outside and the dog that doesn't want to be petted. It's not his fault, he has a sketchy past, but at least now he has a nice family and gets to hang out with yarn all day. Lucky dog.


puffthemagicrabbit said...

Pretty window, cool mirror.

TheYarnLounge said...

Your kids are always welcome! :)

Have a great holiday!