Friday, December 19, 2008

Cookie swap

Tomorrow I'm going to my friend's third annual holiday cookie swap that I've missed the past two years because of work, so I'm more excited than I probably should be. Once I realized that what I planned to make didn't even qualify as cookies, I figured she'd probably stop inviting me. Kidding.

I decided I'd make peppermint bark, peanut brittle and fudge. Not a cookie in the group, but great additions to any holiday tin in my opinion. It was pure fate that while I was online to look up a recipe for the bark I came across one unexpectedly over at Soule Mama. Yes, it's easy, inexpensive and really really good!

As far as the peanut brittle and fudge go, I always turn to an old country church cookbook I have that has never failed me. I successfully avoided all dough rolling, icing, baking and cutting out and opted instead for melting, stirring and cooling.

I'm breathing a big sigh of relief with my last Christmas orders going out in today's mail and nothing in the queue, at least nothing that needs to be finished before Christmas that is. Well, unless you count the gifts I'm making/giving. Okay, so I'm not as done as I thought I was at the beginning of the paragraph. At least there's plenty of time to finish what I need to.

I'm looking forward to the kids being on break (she says this now) and an open wide schedule. I'm going to try to take them to a Nutcracker performance if the boy will agree to it, and other than that I'll just be trying to keep everyone from wriggling out of their skin with pre-Christmas giddiness. There is definitely more baking, wrapping and singing in our near future.

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puffthemagicrabbit said...

Looks yummy! My kids are already 7/8 of the way out of their skin over Christmas.