Friday, April 10, 2009

Piecing it all together necklace in the shop today!... bigger pendant this time.

I've been gone and without time to post. I'm still trying to assimilate all the pictures and my thoughts. Seeing a best friend just a couple of times a year is a wonderful but difficult thing. Our times together are so brief yet jammed with as much depth and late night talks as we can possibly muster and I hate to see her go. I'm trying as always to get her to move back to Virginia. One of these years it just may work.


Anonymous said...

I understand that all too well. My friend in CA just lost her dad. We know we may only "see" each other once every 10 years- but I just can't make it be now. I love unlimited long distance.

Can't wait to hear about it.

Anne Margaret said...

Pink and green - sheknits style! LOVE it.