Monday, April 6, 2009

The baby bootie factory style just added to the shop today...

I picked up some knitting needles the other night to take a break from the personal baby bootie assembly line I have going and it felt so foreign, making my blog title and Etsy shop name misnomers indeed. Things have been going really well this winter and spring, but with an increase in business there is also a greater chance for things to go awry as I found out they had on Saturday. It seems that one of the wholesale orders I sent a couple of weeks ago made it about 95% of the way to their destination and then vanished. 12 pairs of handmade booties, all organic, so much hard work, poof!, gone. I really hope the post office can find them but I don't really have my hopes up.

But as one yucky thing happens, other good things happen too, it's a secret right now but when/if it happens I'll be sure to tell you. So I'm trying to condition my brain to accept the bad just as freely as I do the good, because that's life. Yin/yang, light/dark, good/bad, happy/sad, it's all part of being here, right?

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Anonymous said...

It is, but accepting that can be much easier said than done. Hope they find your box. And really hope the good secret happens soon. (then hurry up and tell us cuz i'm really nosy)