Thursday, April 2, 2009

The glamorous life

I've never been one to sit at a desk or a table to work. I'm a floor sitter, an on my bed sitter, if I'm on a couch or a chair I sit as if I'm on the floor with my feet up on it criss-cross some way or another sitter. Today I was sprawled over my bed searching for matching buttons working on another wholesale order that I hope to have out in the next day or two, listening to satellite radio on the T.V. It's one of the best parts of having to have a satellite for television, especially when the concept of "streaming" is a foreign one.

I found myself here after a very foggy, damp day where I don't think my brain ever really fully woke up or turned on and I decided that, well, at least I could sew on buttons and I knew I couldn't mess that up. I'm ready for the sun to come back out this weekend and maybe I can finish some of my gardening too.

While I'm here I might as well show you the new color scheme for our room. The change was long overdue. I'm perusing some artwork on Etsy and think I'll choose two or three prints like this one to hang over the bed wall. Pretty cool work, huh? I'm sweet talking Kevin into building us a bed too while he's working on the (I hope it pans out) addition. Think I'm pushing my luck?

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