Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sketching and dreaming

I am not an artist. At least I'm not the kind of artist who can draw, but I tried today anyway. We've gone round and round in our 10 years in this old house about how and if we'd put on an addition one day. You may remember me rambling on about this a while ago and I'm at it again.

Of course I've already been through the phase where I completely talked myself out of the idea (at least anytime soon) and I really tried to talk Kevin out of it to no avail. All my talking and complaining about the previous addition plans did were to cause him to lose several hours of sleep one night coming up with a new one, and his own laundry list of the reasons why we should do it soon. Honestly, between you and me, I'm soooo glad I complained because two things came out of it:

1. A less expensive addition that still gave us a master bedroom with closet and bath,

2. and......drumroll please.......a home office/studio for moi!!

Can you believe my dumb luck? It doesn't seem like it would be possible, but he got creative with the space and came up with a plan that I think will look so much better and like it was meant to be there rather than a zit added on as an afterthought. (yes, I said zit, I borrowed the term from Kevin).

So if you can make out any of the scribbling in the picture, you can see a schematic of the inside and a view of the current outside and the new one, which basically looks like there was a front porch the entire width of the house that we just enclosed. Clever, huh?

Oh yeah, I think I've also convinced him that we have to refinish the claw foot bathtub that we found out in a field when we moved in (the cows were drinking out of it), and use it in our new bathroom. I told him any good farmhouse worth it's salt needs one, right? And that way I don't have to scrub any shower tiles!!!

I'll add my little caveat here that while this may never come to fruition, or if it happens next month or even in the next 10 years, it sure is fun to play around and sketch and dream on a rainy, cold day in February.

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puffthemagicrabbit said...

Yay- wonderful!! And clawfoot tub that was cow trough- a necessity!! (sigh- nice, and deep, and filled with hot water on a cold (baby goatless) evening like tonight).

(thanks for letting me borrow your dream for a sec)

And a studio, too? Wow!