Thursday, February 5, 2009


Can you see the cold?

It's so cold. My chin was numb after my walk with Sunny. She was panting. It's supposed to go from the teens into the sixties by the weekend. And no, I did not enhance the color in these photos, can you believe the sky is really so blue?

Last night my head was spinning. The constant juggle of family life, food, cleaning, laundry, drop-offs, pick-ups, doctor visits, sick children, medicine schedules, play dates, dinner menus, showers, homework, make-up homework, after school activities, snacks, packing lunches, walking the dog, making sure everyone in the family gets undivided attention (including husband), coupled with running a business out of the home--knitting, crocheting, keeping up with orders, cotton balls, ribbon, shipping labels, envelopes, blogging, post-office runs all while simultaneously developing the next product/design/photos was at an all-time high.

So when I finally plopped down on the bed next to Kevin and took a breath, I came to the realization that I wanted to look at things from a new perspective, with a blank slate, from square one both as a mother and a business owner. I'm focusing on enhancing what I do well, rather than reinvent the wheel or worse yet, mimicking others.

I remembered that when I feel like speeding up I need to slow down, when I want to do more I really should do less and when I think I just don't have time to take the time to walk Sunny, that's exactly when I should go walk her. I also soothed myself with some of the yummiest organic cotton I have and a bamboo crochet hook and it felt decadent.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty- both the sky, and the cotton. Clean slate- sounds so lovely... (and maybe have some cookies together one day ;-))