Monday, February 2, 2009


It's February and things are brown, all except for the sky which has been an incredible blue and putting on a spectacular show. It has been warm too, I love warm. In response to the blue and brown, I'll be listing this new little pair of organic booties in my shop.

There is a blue and brown pair already there, but I thought I'd provide the organic option as I know how some folks are partial. These are also a little more interesting in my opinion because the yarn has little flecks of cream in it making it look oh so earthy.

We are sidelined therefore not because of weather, or lack of yarn and fun things to make. Not because it's February or Groundhog Day or a school holiday or what have you, but rather because that brave little boy I spoke of yesterday now has a fever and an unrelenting headache. And the cycle begins again.

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mindy said...

Oooh, hope he feels better soon.