Tuesday, September 23, 2008


"Mistakes are good, mistakes are your friend. They're are an irreplaceable opportunity for learning", I heard myself say last night to the two neophyte knitters I've been tutoring in the craft the past few weeks. They weren't so happy or enthused as I was, feeling more as if they'd just wasted a bunch of time rather than received a profound gift.

I know the feeling. I used to get mad and frustrated when I made mistakes in my knitting, or in life for that matter, but now, more often than not, I smile. I smile really big. Because I know their benefit. I'll even go so far as to not call them "mistakes" at all but rather a chance to learn, grow and change.

Acknowledging the fact that I've done something I wish I hadn't, or something didn't turn out the way I wanted is just part of the equation. The real question in my head is, will I repeat the same behavior again knowing I don't like the outcome? Will I remember next year that if I want my basil to live longer I need to water it more often? Or more importantly will I follow through with the watering? I know myself. I will kill more plants before their time and I'll suffer the consequences though they're small.

But there are other patterns of behavior with bigger things at stake that I'm destined to repeat. Some lessons take longer to learn like, being hard on myself for every little thing gets me nowhere but down. And, committing to too much and then resenting the committments is a disservice to everyone involved.

So here's the personal pep talk it seems my brain is leading me to with this post:

"You're worth being treated well and with respect. There is no big trophy or pat on the back for being overly self-critical. Fun and laughter are good medicine. You've been given great gifts...God really does love you. You have wonderful things to offer the world and your family. Remember that and do them. There is time enough. And when all else fails and you just don't know where to turn, stop, be still and listen. Some things really aren't as big as you make them. Or if they are really that big, you're not alone, there's always someone to help you through the muck."

And that goes for you too!!


patience said...

this is gold, pure gold amy...thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well said and timed perfectly- thanks!