Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Knishing with the dog

Yes, I realize the dog posts are excessive, but I figured I could redeem myself by including a bit of knitting. Kevin and I took off for a couple of hours yesterday while the kids were with grandma and grandpa and their cousins to see how Sunny would like the water/boat which is a must. We're so lucky to have several friends in the area who let us use their ponds from time to time and this is a real favorite. It's just tucked back in the woods and is so quiet and serene I wish I lived there. I'm figuring out a pattern (not a hard one) for a hat with that great yarn I bought a while back. The color is Prairie Goldenrod. Love that. It's just a simple cable hat, but as soon as I started on it I realized I came away without a cable needle or dpn so I used a comparably sized crochet hook instead. Worked beautifully.

Little miss Sunny was a trip. She walked straight into the water as if there were no diferentiation between it and dry land. Not a minute in the boat and she was over the side and into the water paddling around. We pulled her back in so she didn't swim to shore, she shook off and then laid down/slept the rest of the trip. There were fish flopping, frogs plopping, there was an onry goose and a howling hunting dog. None of this seemed to bother her. She decided to sleep and dream. Nose and feet twitching, the whole nine yards.

It was such a beautiful afternoon I really started to get a taste of Fall. It's still warm, but the light has started to change and the days are getting shorter. For a guy who doesn't knit and a girl who doesn't fish, what a blessing it is that we both love the water. It always brings us together.

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Stop- you're making me want a puppy!