Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kicking the doctor

Ahhh, look how sweet she is, just laying there all still, quiet and dare I say angelic. Well, just a few hours ago she was screaming and wailing, kicking the pediatrician and trying to wriggle her 34 pounds free of myself and two nurses. Sure, you and I might put up a fight too if we were being held against our will so someone could look in our eyes, but I promise you, the kicking, flailing, hitting and screaming came BEFORE we restrained her.

She woke up crying this morning and wouldn't open her eyes. I immediately said, "PINK EYE! No one touch your sister and Allie don't touch anyone else!" I got the hand sanitizer out and used it on everyone several times before we were out the door. As soon as the older two were off to school we headed for the doctor. Turns out there's a big scratch on her eye, not pink eye. Whew.

Nonetheless, the aftermath is not a whole big ball of fun. She's presently on nap #2 (thank you!) and ate lunch with her eyes closed. She's been walking around all morning bumping into things when I'm not right there to help her. Putting drops in was like a hellish deja vu, believe me. But of course she giggled all the way through lunch with DADDY. He came home especially to check on her. I think he's on eyedrop duty tonight. Oh yes.

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puffthemagicrabbit said...

Sorry I giggled, but she does look just as sweet as can be. Give her a pirate eye-patch and let her "aaaarrrrgh" at a few people.
Sounds like you deserve an evening of Daddy eye drop duty. Poor thing, how did she scratch it?