Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The light of day

No early morning walk. Early morning fly through the routine and out the door to go to the city to have Sunny spayed. It's been one of those long days that doesn't want to end. Orders, errands, preschool, school school, work, sleepy puppy pickup, Legos, walks, love, food, more love, dinner, homework, reading, more Legos, showers, knitting, my eyes are starting to close.

Yes. She is fine. If I thought she was a sleepy puppy before, well today she's practically comatose.

Who put that pretty yarn in the grass? Weird, I know but I was right there at the shed. Why not? In spite of the wholesale order yesterday that nearly depleted my entire hat and bootie supply, I'm knitting a scarf with stash yarn. I don't claim to always make the best decisions. But I'm telling myself I have another week to prepare for the market. I have to miss it again for a PT continuing ed course. Phooey. I wonder if the speaker will know if I sneak my yarn in??

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puffthemagicrabbit said...

Sneak your yarn in proudly!

Yay, you- a wholesale order! Way to go.