Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'm picky like that

I've been looking for the perfect cream-colored scarf for too long.  When you're picky about how you spend money the search can be long, tiring, and before you know it you've gone whole seasons without what you want.  Yes, this is me and it's annoying.
The knitter's solution is to make what is needed.  So I am.  I think.

the yarn: illimani royal I

the pattern:  snowflake scarf

Pictured above is my slow start. 

I do have a way of making things difficult.  The pattern calls for bulky yarn, big needles, a quick knit.  I've decided to make it with little yarn, little needles.  It's much slower work, especially when there aren't long, open blocks of time for knitting. I do love the way it's working up however, light, exquisitely soft, I suppose it will be worth the wait. I tried a new cast on too, just to keep things interesting, to teach myself something I haven't done before and I'm hooked on it.

And to keep myself honest, I even posted the project on Ravelry.  You can follow it here if you're so inclined.


Pam - captured by our cameras said...

It looks like you are off to a good start. I am eager to see the finished product with the less bulky yarn.

amy said...

It's pretty but slow Pam. I'm trying to keep myself from starting the other scarf!

Pam - captured by our cameras said...

You can do it, one stitch at a time. It will be worth it. I'm cheering you on.

Pamela said...

Love it! A lovely pattern indeed.