Sunday, December 9, 2012


It was a bad week.  I had a bum elbow (which is on the mend), a run-in with the past that rocked me and the worst of the worst patient experiences.  It reaffirmed why I am not a social worker or cop.  I can't handle the evil in the world.

I'm okay now thanks to family and friends but need a little peace, some quiet.  I plan to read, return to knitting, sit, run of course and prepare for the holidays. I need as much normal as I can get.  I'd like to tell my story with pictures for a bit, it feels like the thing to do.  I hope you'll stick with me.


Cristina Olivetti Spencer said...

Am also friends with Karen Miller. With her as inspiration I'll sit through it all with you. Good luck, and to counter all that evil--know that someone you never met is thinking of you and that the world also holds unconditional benevolence. Sending love.

amy said...

Thank you, Christina. Just like the twinkle in the photo above there is always light amidst the darkness. You are the light.