Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Little projects

Despite the fact that the knuckle on my right middle finger is twice it's normal size due to an unplanned sledding injury, I managed to finish my scarf. It's dense, soft, warm, a bright spot against the gray drear of winter (or whiteout depending on where you live), and it's mine. For once this project isn't for someone else. And, I'm even making a rare appearance in the photo, a step in a direction opposite from the norm.

Who knows what other changes I'll make, I may even decide to pick up that guitar again one day and try to pluck something out on it. But for now, I highly recommend this scarf as a fulfilling cold weather project, and I'm off to see what other goodies I can find. They say we're in for another blast of snow with substantial accumulation this weekend, think I'd better get ready. After all my knuckle isn't quite able to handle the strumming just yet.

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