Saturday, February 6, 2010

White out

Okay, well maybe that's overkill, but it is bad when you have to shovel snow to get the barn door open just so you can get the tractor out to plow. It was the steady rain and sleet most of the day yesterday and all night long that have put this bout of weather into a new category, different from the last two storms. It's slick, it's icy, it's dangerous.

Even the dog can't quite believe it.

We're feeling fortunate to have not lost power. Yet.

And we're thankful for a full wood rack and a constant fire.

The house smells like cookies just baked,

we've had some visitors, and played loads of games, video and otherwise.

But even the young among us aren't quite sure what to make of it. If this were Maine we'd be well accustomed, but when you consider we were wearing shorts during the 60 degree days of last month, this is quite an abrupt change.

So we continue to kill the time with indoor activities like the piano,

and knitting, this time for those enduring chemo,

and up next another project in red, I'm just searching for the right pattern at the moment, and resting up for sledding tomorrow.

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Beth said...

We got pummeled with snow here in Blacksburg, too. Then icy pellets and wind, then more snow... Actually the streets are already pretty clear (in town). Only 4 hours of school last week - we will see what happens this week!