Monday, February 15, 2010

Making time

It's a good thing (for me) my friends are understanding, forgiving and make the same kind of mistakes I do, so when I totally flake out and miss a get together (in part due to the fact that our phone wasn't working for three days and it took me all three to figure it out) they simply reschedule and don't think twice about it.

We are busy. I know I'm not alone. We hurry. I know I'm not alone. We rush and corral kids and get impatient and think it's all so important. I know I'm not alone.

But on days like these, when it's rainy, cold, and snow is still everywhere, I know that sitting in my little studio with a friend, sharing tea, the woodstove and catching up from where we last left off is really the only very important thing on my very long list.

And this one happens to bring goodies. Every. Single. Time.

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