Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's time

It must have been the cold last night that made the snow look like it had millions of little tiny diamonds on top of it this morning as I made the trek down to the chickens. Whatever the reason, it was a treat. The quiet, the sparkles, the way my nostrils froze together as I inhaled, a world all it's own and one we rarely get to experience.

We've plowed out, and the tractor fairy has mysteriously plowed out the neighbors as well, missing out on the afternoon of sledding, or "sleigh-riding" as so many here in Virginia say. I swear, "ya'll", I "reckon" I'll never fit in. (yes, they really say reckon here. a lot.)

Too much sleigh riding leads to exhaustion on the hill. My littlest decided to eat her fill of snow today.

while the older two apparently did headstands.

What I now know is that they very clearly need to go back to school. They'll miss their sixth day in a row tomorrow. My oldest said at dinner just tonight, "You know, it's really not as much fun anymore staying home and missing so much school."

Enough said.

As for the knitting I seem to be on a hat roll these days. This next one is for my brother in law, catering to his unfortunate Harley Davidson affliction.


Beth said...

Day #7 at home from school tomorrow. They've already called it. I can't decide if it's good or bad. They are almost tired of sledding - they do say "sleigh-riding" around here - something I am not used to yet - even after 15+ years. Good luck this week!

Mark said...

I've heard it called many things...but affliction? You have quite the way of hitting the nail on the head :)