Sunday, February 21, 2010

Princess for a day

It's hard being the youngest. I was the youngest of only two (which probably isn't so terrible) so I don't really know how much harder it is to be the youngest of three but she does. So when big brother has baseball camp and a friend over and then tryouts, and big sister has a friend over and she doesn't, my mom gene kicks in and I know it's time for some one on one.

We made a homemade chocolate cake. We straightened her hair, put on makeup and did our nails. We decided a veil was the best accesory. Then we drew and listened to pandora in my studio with the light streaming in the windows. I'd just gotten a wild hair to clean them. Only happens once a year.

And in short order, she went from angelic princess,

to herself.


is a little more


and silly.

Sometimes we adults need the special treatment too. What we don't realize when we set out to make someone else's day better, is that we end up making our own better at the exact same time.

But if there's no one else around, and your day hasn't been brightened by others around you, call a good friend and then buy yourself some flowers. Really. Today's choice was live tulips. I needed a double dose of happiness.


Mimi said...

How very, very REAL. You are so gifted with your writing and you photos! I think I need to buy myself some flowers today!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I love what you did with her!