Saturday, January 23, 2010

The project

Each time I sit down to write, in particular about our addition on to the house and I want to talk about how we're nearing the end, I stop myself realizing that though we may be near the end of this current undertaking, there will surely be another. And another. And another. Maybe that's the case for every homeowner, that there is always something else to be done, or maybe it's because that's our way. We never seem to be without a project, be it big or small, many occurring simultaneously.

A new little scarf project (for myself) above would be the small project variety and I'm loving the pattern, not to mention the malabrigo from my favorite LYS.

Now on to the big project, yet unfinished, but oh so much closer as you'll see. My office is first, with things moving onto the shelves and the beginnings of some organization. The desk top will be covered with cork next week and then a glass top. Simple, easy, neutral with some texture.

A little closet, covered simply with linen (that I still need to wash an iron, oh well). Please take special note of the fishing poles that are slowly creeping their way in.

The window seat, soon to have a lovely cushion and pillows if I'd ever get around to giving my friend the measurements. Sorry, Suz! They're on their way. And check the storage below. I love it.

This becomes the perfect space for Kevin's great grandmother's sewing machine which still works (!) and has all the original manuals and interchangeable parts, along with patterns from long ago. I so admire how people used to hang onto things and take such good care of them. Yesterday's purchase sits atop the machine, soon to find it's way to a wall in here.

It's a vintage hat stand that I enjoy mainly for it's sculpural qualities, but I find it so appropriate for the office of one who makes so many hats.

Moving on, we have the new foyer. We (I) still need to paint the door and we now think the piano is moving to the dining room. It has lived in many rooms since moving here, maybe this will be the last time. About 5 moves ago Kevin said he was going to burn it if he had to move it anymore. He still threatens. I still put my foot down and tell him where it's supposed to go.

Ahhhh, the new master bedroom.


Our new closet. Thanks to the closet master (Kevin). Don't mind the toilet, it'll be moving soon.

The bathroom sinks.

Shower. Door to be installed next week.

Linen closet.

Gotta love the view out the bathroom window.

And the view from the bedroom.

Sunlight up the old stairs.

And last but not least I'd like to mention the visitors. I have a steady stream of them in and out of the office. Allie has taken up residence behind the linen curtain on the floor of the closet and has secret parties and writes stories and little notes. I find cuttings, glue, fabric, dishes and all sorts of little things she leaves behind. So much for mine, it's all very much ours.


Anonymous said...

Very, very, very nice.

Beth said...

Lovely! I'm so glad you shared all that progress!!! I love the yellow color, too. Fishing rods seem to be in every corner of my house for some reason....

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic! You did a tremendous job!

Hickory Green Farm said...

Beautiful! I see the sewing machine is ready to hummmm.