Saturday, September 26, 2009

She rambles on

It's hard to believe it was just last weekend that we were standing here, warm and relaxed on a quick camping getaway and this morning I was dodging cold raindrops at the farmers market setting up my tent and wondering if anyone would come. But come they did and I knitted and visited and sold my things all the while being thankful that I'm not Kevin. Kevin, who spent the better part of the day under the house laying in mud putting in the plumbing for the addition. It's moments like these when I'm glad for my small hands that know how to knit not wield wrenches.

When I'm called to look at the contrasts between men and women, reality and leisure, I always wonder if the play time would feel as good as it does if the work days weren't so much work. Some may argue this point, but in my mind I usually come back to the belief that the grass is likely the greenest right where I'm standing, and that the yin really wouldn't make much sense without the yang.

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