Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A study in contrasts

There's something very basic and real about walking down the hill to the chicken coop and gathering the eggs, especially if they happen to still be warm. It is simple, nature at its best and surprisingly a treat every time.

Funny how things come full circle in life. How we think we're so smart and advanced on one hand and how on the other so many people are returning to the basics. From having their own gardens or eating locally grown food, to the resurgance of the farmer's market and backyard chicken coops, people are relearning that basic isn't bad, that real is good and good for us and that the simplest things in life are often the most fulfilling.

Yet we still complicate things and I am no exception. My head was nearly spinning yesterday while going over house plans with my mother-in-law who graciously offered up her entire day to help me with everything from light switch placement to lighting and outlets, bathroom fixtures and marble, the entire office layout--complete with measurements and furniture ideas and templates for the living room. I am no expert but she is. Thank goodness, otherwise these plans would still be blank.

You can see a lot of open space in the bottom right corner which is the living room. I have miniature blocks the sizes of different furniture pieces and I'm playing "rearrange the living room a million times" to try to make purchasing decisions. At this rate we may be sitting on the floor till February.

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