Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Don't adjust your monitor

If that top egg looks a little green, don't worry, it's supposed to. I was beginning to wonder if my Arucanas (nickname: the Easter Egg Chicken) were ever going to start laying eggs, or if I was doing something wrong, or even if they were roosters. Turns out they were just taking their sweet time, but have finally decided it's safe to start laying eggs.

I'm told their eggs will start out either blue or green and then when they're fully mature they'll be a blue/green swirled mix, hence the cute nickname. Of course the egg inside looks and tastes exactly the same as a brown or white egg, but the novelty of the shell color is, well, pretty cool.

I've started baking due to the sudden influx of eggs, we gathered 7 just yesterday and so I'm smelling banana bread as I write. I've also decided that today my business name should be this: She (does everything possible BUT) Knits.


susie said...

Thanks for the pic, I was just telling my husband about Easter egg chickens the other night- we have buying fresh eggs from a neighbor, loving it!
P.S. My blog has the word jewelry in it, and I seem to do everything but get around to making some some jewerly. Hope you are feeling better.

puffthemagicrabbit said...

I'm with you in the everything BUT department. I will get to start knitting at about 2ish, then pick up kids at 3:45- and I'm trying to make this my job...

Pretty eggs- I love the green ones.