Monday, September 7, 2009


We couldn't have known ten years ago what buying this old place would actually come to mean, what it would really be like with two adjoining family properties, and the space to come together or move apart when necessary. It's been more than any of us could have imagined and it's the coming together that occupies my thoughts today.

An old barn, renovated,

provides ample space to gather, cookout, make homemade ice cream, put on family plays, open presents at Christmas, have birthday parties.

Fields for soccer, or kickball, or baseball, wagon rides,

go carts, tractors, farm toys.

My three children.

My nephew and two nieces.

Coming together to share the crazies,

a tour of the addition,

and walks. All at this place where the adventure started, the break from the norm, our escape from the ordinary, and really the only place we've found where we're free to be ourselves.

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