Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random bean

It has occurred to me that this blog may be dying a slow death, like the soybeans around our house. Or maybe I'm just readjusting. Readjusting to this new schedule, to more work outside of home, to more going and doing and running around like all those mothers before me told me I would, once the kids were older and in school. "It doesn't get easier" they said, "it's just a different kind of busy, a different kind of hard." I already know they were right.

But this isn't a complaint, mind you, just a statement of fact. For the kids are everything. They are our focus, our constant consideration, our joy, our sometimes frustration and most certainly those whom we admire the most in this world.

So my thought today is that I will continue on, perhaps less frequently, maybe more thoughtfully, but always delivering the news of what's going on in this daily life. With the ever-present goal of living with intention and purpose, and remarking on it in hopefully unexpected ways.

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susie said...

It seems like just last week the soybeans were all turning that lovely shade of gold, and now they are all spent here too, it seems to happen over night. Lovely pics.