Sunday, March 8, 2009

Icing on the cake

As if last week wasn't exciting enough, well, all except for the quarantine I'm running here, it seems in 60-90 days we'll be getting cable, folks. And you know what that means....high speed internet! Silence the collective gasps, it is true, I do all my business and blogging on a dial up internet connection.

Here's how it all played out. It was Friday afternoon and my cell phone rang. Kevin.

"Honey! Get a pen and pad of paper and go out in the field, there's a Comcast truck over at the barn and some guy measuring. Go see what he's up to and get a contact name and phone number!"

I ran out of the house, paper and pen in hand, trucked my way across the field, only to see the cable guy go across the street, looking up at poles and wires and such, so naturally I followed him.

"Are you going to give us cable?" I asked in my most hopeful voice.

"I'm measuring for a business line for the barn, your neighbor called us for a business line." said my new friend Tony, looking like a deer in headlights.

"You mean my father-in-law?" wondering why he hadn't informed me of the wonderful news.

We figured out who called who and what was what and to make a long story short I ended up standing in the hay field talking to the lady I needed to talk to on Tony's cell phone. She informed me that she was starting the process and they'd be putting in a residential line to our house and in 60-90 days we'd be up and running.

Over out 10 years here I can't tell you how many junk mail solicitations we've gotten from the cable company and we've called them many times in response. Men (plural here) have been out to measure, only for us to be told we can't get it. Nothing, nada, zippo, zilch, I-know-you-want-it-and-we-have-it-but-we're-not-gonna-give-it-to-you, sorry sucker, is always the response. Clearly it's a case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing.

I suppose this is just one byproduct of the downturn in the economy and the virulent spread of Verizon Fios in the area, that the cable company is hurting enough to be willing to come bury more cable out here for the country folk. I for one will not complain.


Pamela said...

Welcome to the zippy side! It's a speedy, wonderful world.

Anonymous said...

Cable has said they will never, ever come to us. Never. So I'm having major envy here, you lucky ducky, you. I do have an AT&T aircard, and its alright, but not cable.