Sunday, March 1, 2009

And then it snowed

Flipping the calendar to March early has backfired. School is already called off and they're predicting a sizeable snowfall overnight. The kids have made numerous snowmen (all in the same spot, they keep chopping parts of the same one off and rebuilding), snow angels like crazy, pelted each other with snowballs (it's a great packing snow), and what makes Kevin and I laugh the most is when we see each of them flat on their bellies with their hands behind their backs, straining their necks and licking the snow as if they're seals or something. We've been watching them out the window like it's T.V.

Several things happen when it snows this much in central Virginia. First, there is no milk or bread in the grocery stores, there's a run on all the essentials with the first call for flurries. It's probably just as well people stock up and stay off the roads because if you venture out you'll see a car in the ditch every hundred feet or so. And lastly, school is called off well ahead of time, even if there's a chance it'll be melted by morning. This time I think we'll wake up to lots of snow.

So we dragged out all the mismatched gear that accumulates from year to year of snowless winters and when I informed Allie that the snowpants that were in her size were some of John's old black ones she about had a hissy fit and threatened to only wear pink. Of course my response was that she'd have to stay in and in about five minutes the color seemed not to matter. Usually there's enough stuff to go around that everyone can be covered. The years where I have each child completely outfitted and matching there is no snow. Not a single flake.

Sunny loves it and doesn't know what to make of it at the same time. The kids were feeding her snow and she acted like it was bones.

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Bread, milk, and toilet paper- now!