Monday, March 16, 2009

You know it's Monday...

...when the school bus driver informs you that you have a flat tire. Just last week Kevin told me it was time to have the tires replaced on my car (really? so soon? I feel like we just did that!), but that it could probably wait until June. Luckily he was home to fill it enough so I could limp 3 miles down to the service station where it has sat all day.

I was looking forward to getting out to run a few errands, even though the feverish boy is still home from school, only now he's feverless thank goodness. To add to the weekend excitement we made a trip to the urgent care facility yesterday because the fever had come back and the doctor on call said we should go. Despite another round of swabbing, poking, prodding, bloodletting and even x-raying, all signs still pointed to a plain old virus. It's a nasty one for sure.

So, of course, I made myself a necklace after we finished all his school work from last week. What? You think I should be cleaning my windows?


puffthemagicrabbit said...

Does anyone actually clean windows? (I used to a child or 2 ago, plus a knitting business ago. Now I just wistfully look at them and think, "boy I wish I could clean them")(wonder how much my daughter would charge me)

Sorry about the flat- they always sneak up on you- feh.

Karen said...

Hi Amy...sorry about the flat...gotta hate those. love following your blog and of course, love the necklace. hope your family is on the mend soon...we have been lucky over the past couple months thank goodness. I always hate it when the teeny tiny ones are sick and can't tell me. still loving our booties!