Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rain = green

Walking by the front door last night and glancing out the window, I was struck by the sudden burst of green all the rain has encouraged. So even though it was still coming down I picked up my camera, threw my hood over my head (I've been living in this hooded sweatshirt for the past 3 days--it ain't pretty) and wandered outside to point and shoot.

A minute later, after apparently hearing the tell-tale sign of the front door opening, there was a knock at the window and Kevin peering out at me with arms crossed and that look in his eyes as if to say, "Honey, it's raining" and "did I marry a crazy woman" simultaneously. So of course I smiled and waved and went about my business.

It's so very uplifting to suddenly see some color and hear the singing of the birds this morning as we slowly awoke. Those happy, unmistakeable, sweet singing birds after an early Spring rain.


susie said...

We are having a very rainy day here in St. Louis. Thank you for reminding me what it will bring.

nazar said...

good work

Anonymous said...

It's getting greener by the minute ('bout time!).