Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flower power

We've been having a bit of drama surrounding "blankey" lately as we try to leave for preschool. Rather, I'm about to lose my cool when the sobbing, flailing and clinging to it for dear life ritual starts as we're headed out the door. I have a sneaking suspicion the emotional outbursts have more to do with real life change (read: Kindergarten, last year of preschool, away from mommy all day, etc.) than a piece of cotton and I had a moment of clarity on the subject today. I've been crossing my fingers since, hoping we'll have a seamless walk out the door tomorrow morning.

I try not to be a tricky mom, but when I require the kids to break a habit cold turkey my efforts usually backfire. Except for Lauren and her passifier. That was a cold turkey victory and I'm still not sure how it worked. Anyway, a little transition is what she needs, I thought, perhaps even a bit of a distraction. Playing into her girly girl disposition I thought a couple of soft, vibrantly colored crocheted bracelets with flowers on them might do the trick.

"Oh, momma! These are so cute and pretty, can I wear them, please? Please?"

"See, Allie" I said, "they're so soft, just like you say blankey is and when you're missing her you can just rub your cheek with one of these and know it won't be long before you see blankey again. But I need you to promise that you'll really try hard tomorrow morning to be happy with the bracelets and to use them to remind of blankey, okay?"

"Okay, momma, I'll try."

And later, "Do we HAVE to give one to Lauren?"


puffthemagicrabbit said...

What a ham! So, so cute- and those bracelets are soooo her! I bet it'll work.

susie said...

Good luck -the bracelets are adorable. We just "lost" our binky here a couple of weeks ago, so far so good.

Hickory Green Farm said...

Creative mom, not tricky mom. Love that flower power!