Monday, January 7, 2013

Slackline party

My husband and the kids bought me a new slackline for Christmas.  Only this time I went old school.  I asked for the original, just climbing webbing, a couple of carabiners and one round, metal ring configured together with a primitive rigging, the way it orginated.  And I forgot to mention, a one inch line, all purchased from REI.  They thought I was crazy and when I opened the package, so did I.
I'd been itching to get a group together at our house after several friends said they wanted to try.  I piqued their interest here, even from our first rough go, to the next post complete with video. There has been a steady progression in skill level that made me want to take it to the next level.  I may have taken it too far!

Whatever happens, Saturday at least was a blast and I think I made some believers out of the crew that was here.  Believers that:

1.  slacklining is so much fun!
2.  you can't stop trying until you GET IT!
3.  it's a crazy good workout for your whole body and is great for kids
4.  it is ten thousand times harder than you think it is

Unfortunately at this point I was otherwise occupied and my friend picked up the camera so I found a ton of pictures of myself.  Yikes!  Until the next party that is.  We had a group of over twenty and plenty more who couldn't come.  If you missed the invite it's because I don't know you're interested.  Let me know if you want to come (locals) and you'll be included the next go around.  The weather's looking fantastic for this weekend so keep your ears open!
it was so hard all I could do was stand and wobble

wearing my son's Keen's

had to use the stool for balance like the old lady I am

warning: when you fall off this one it's a bit like a slingshot


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Suzanne said...

So Walker got a slack line for Christmas and we took it to Staunton. I wanted to try it but the ice came and it was a bit tricky. Walker was getting the hang of it but the weather put a stop to the activity. Wld love to join your next slacker party. How fun!