Monday, January 21, 2013

Worst shower ever

I showered with this stinky boy last night in the small, stand-up shower off the mud room after he'd been sprayed by a skunk, or rolled in it, no telling, each possibility as plausible as the other.  There was no other option, it was all or nothing.  We were locked in together, in a tiny, steamy, coffin-like sauna of brewing stench that made my eyes water, he just panted and tried to bust out.
The things we do for our pets.  Or maybe I did it for me.  He could care less if he stinks.
I know, I know, you'll tell me there are fool-proof remedies and I know there are but I wasn't about to get out of my pajamas at nine o'clock to go pick up 3% hydrogen peroxide on a Sunday night so I could give him yet another dousing.  No, this would have to be good enough and good enough it was.
Now we've bonded in a new way, one I hope never to repeat only somehow, I feel certain we will.

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jenn said...

We didn't smell any skunk on him and the kids loved playing with your gang (including the dogs!). I hope we get to visit with you next time ! ;-)