Sunday, October 7, 2012

Insert fun

People do the craziest things.

Like put their kids on a two-inch strap strung between trees and let them walk across.

And fall.

And try again, and again, and again.

It brings out mischief (note purple shorts ready to shake the line), and creativity.

It is persistence on display.

And ingenuity, soft landings are more pleasant.  Mottos spring forth out of thin air: "plan your land" is one we now strive to abide by.

I started out thinking there was absolutely no way I could stand on the thing for longer than a second, but have graduated to walking from one tree to the next, turning, going back, turning and even walking halfway backward.  Mind you this is on the beginner line for kids 12 and under.  I am so impressed with myself I'm not sure what to do (note the sarcasm).  Only thing I can think to do next is to ask for the real one for Christmas, and have a few slack line get togethers with my forty-something year old girlfriends.

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