Friday, January 4, 2013

Running party

I love to eat my words.

Let me start by saying I like to run but I've never run a race.  I consider myself a solitary runner, in it for the health benefits, what it does for my mind, body, soul.  If you love running you know what I mean.  If you hate running you think I'm crazy.

But, if I stop to think about it, the rare times I run with other people I blab my head off and enjoy it.  I just don't plan ahead to run with other people often.  Maybe I'm not who I think I am.

The other night, New Year's Eve, we were gathered around the fire talking, and a friend who has run many a race said he didn't have any planned this year.  He no longer felt the need to take time from work to travel or pay to run what he could on his own.  I chimed in agreeing completely having never run a race, really having no credibility or right to agree, but I did anyway as that has long been my position on the issue.  There we were, case closed, no races in 2013, no reason to pay for something we could easily do on our own.

The next day I remembered my son wants me to run a 5K or 10K or some kind of K with him. 

me to son:  "Hey, did you want to run the Monument Avenue 10K with me this year?"

son:  "YES!  When is it?"

me:  "In April.  You have plenty of time to get ready."

son:  "Sure."

With foot in mouth I started texting friends.  Turns out Clair and her daughter were already planning on running it and with just a mention that we were going to sign up I got five other people to agree.  I think it's one of the largest 10K's on the east coast or something like that, should be a big party.  Maybe I'm turning over a new leaf.



Cristina said...

Will look forward to the report back on your race! I ran my first race in a very, very long time this November--and it was more than I imagined in a lot of respects--more fun, more difficult and much more bonding with the friend I ran it with than I expected. So curious if the mother-son relationship gets the same boost! Let me know!

amy said...

Oh, Cristina, I hope he doesn't bail on me!