Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Waiting it out

The hurricane came through last weekend and we hunkered down, trying to remember when the last time it was that we gave ourselves an excuse to stay in, cuddle up, be lazy and just be with one another.

The dogs were one, unaffected

and two, worried sick, though you can't tell it here, it's one of his more serene moments but if you look closely you might detect a hint of worry around the eyes.

He made it just fine and tried to have a big game of chase at 9 p.m. with guilty party number one above when I took them out to use the facilities while the wind still whipped and rain blew sideways.  It wasn't one of his most clear moments, but even dogs go a little bonkers after being cooped up all day inside.

The power went out.  The cable, phone, internet went out.  Things got quiet.  There were some bedtime tears only from one of the three kids all tucked into the same bed, lined up in a row, just how they wanted it.  A night to remember.  By morning one had ended up on the couch.

And as usual the weather the day after a hurricane is some of the prettiest ever.  We managed not to lose any trees, even those with a serious lean created in 2003 from Isabel.

Then there's the yard waste, country style.  This amount is minimal and just from up right around the house.  Could have been much worse.

Every hurricane we have I eye the giant old oaks that tower right around the house and hope the day they decide to fall I am not sitting inside waiting for them.

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