Monday, October 19, 2009

Back in the saddle or, She Knits rides again

The only upside I can see to this whole flu thing (assuming it is the flu) is that I really got a lot done today in the knitting/crocheting department. As well as the laundry department, the cooking department, the running department and of course the nursemaid department.

I've had on my list this little order for a good friend who moved from Richmond back to her home town of Atlanta two years ago. She likes to get a few things from me each Fall to include in the silent auction for her daughter's school and this year it was a crocheted market bag, 3 little girls necklaces (not pictured-oops!) and 4, hand knitted tooth fairy bags.

Now if you've seen my website but haven't visited me at the market you may be saying to yourself, "But hey, she only makes baby booties and hats." And you would be right to think that judging from my shop, but really I do make lots and lots of other fun stuff, given the time.

On to the tooth fairy bags:

I'll line each one of these with fabric and hand stitch them into the bags. The first little Noro bag will be lined with Irish linen.

The hot pink Lamb's Pride will be lined with former bloomers from under one of my daughter's dresses from long ago.

The heathered Cascade 220 (this is one of my favorite yarn colors) will also be lined with fabric remnants from an old dress, hardly worn.

And we couldn't leave out the boys. This pretty blue goes nicely with one of my son's old button downs. "Church shirts" he calls them because he wouldn't be caught dead in them for any other occasion except maybe Christmas or Thanksgiving.

There you have it, the fruits of my labor on a day guarding the sick. If anyone is still sick tomorrow daddy is on duty but I hardly think I'd be able to get him to whip me up a few hats or booties, no, I'm sure his activities will have something to do with putting siding on the addition. Neither one of us likes to be idle.

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Pam said...

Here's hoping everyone is on the mends soon and that you stay healthy.

The tooth fairy bags are just perfect.