Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I am not one to sit still for long.  Oh sure, there used to be a time when I knitted/crocheted many things but that was while I slept (!).  Or, I was up, I was down, I was up, down, up, down, up, and so on.  I move a lot.  I climb in bed at night only to climb back out to my husband's sighs and calls of "where are you going now?" at least five or six times completing any number of tasks I've forgotten.  I don't like to sit still.  It is one of the primary reasons I chose a job where I don't have to.  A desk might kill me.

Lately, I've packed the kids in the car and we've hit the trail walking.

My brain thinks better when my feet are moving, when it has fresh air, when I'm passing that air at a faster rate through my nose, mouth, lungs. I want the experience to rub off of the kids without rubbing on purpose.  I want to catch them by surprise.

For now, I listen. 

my feet hurt. how much longer? are we almost there? are we hiking like 10,000 miles? can we see at the top? ow! I just twisted my ankle. I need to stop. how many people have died here? are there poisonous spiders here? my legs hurt. I'm hot.  I'm cold.  have you done this before?

At some point the questions turn to quiet wonder as long as our feet keep moving, as long as we keep passing the air through nose, mouth, lungs. At some point they see what there is to see, feel what is here and take a part of it home, where they will keep it deep inside to be accessed when needed, pulled out when they most desperately need to take a deep breath.


beth lehman said...

it's so good to get out there... for all of you!! we breathe better outside, too, and drag our kids with us!! this looks like a beautiful hike! love the blue ridges!

Anonymous said...

As usual, a fine piece of writing and inpsiring message.