Wednesday, September 12, 2012

'Member when?

Remember when I used to knit?

...and crochet?

I was pregnant with baby #2 and got a wild hair and decided I needed to learn how.  So I taught myself.  I marched into Ben Franklin, infant #1 in stroller, bought a book and supplies and painstakingly learned.

After a year or so of making tons of mistakes and finally getting it, I figured I should teach myself to crochet.  So I did.  I made lots more mistakes.

I made way too much stuff to throw at my family and friends so I decided to sell it.  I made my own patterns.  I went to farmers markets.  I heard of a little thing called Etsy.  It was a lot of fun.

I started a blog somewhere along the way and wrote in it.  I took pictures with my little point and shoot.  I upgraded my camera.  I had some blog help from a good, kind friend.  You should know about her.  You probably already do.

My business was always in the black.  It was a good feeling.  I was busy.  I was tired.

The booties and baby hats were my bread and butter.  Especially when they showed up on popular websites like Ali Edwards and Cool Mom Picks.  I had no idea what I was doing.

I made baskets for people in Scandanavian countries.  I wished I could see them in use.  I sold stuff all over the world.  People in Australia buy alot off of Etsy.  Not sure why.

Then I quit.

I decided playtime was over.  I called myself a physical therapist again.  I took off one hat, put on the other and went back to work.  I packed up my knitting.  I packed up my yarn, my needles.

Lately I've been inspired.  Maybe it's the change in the weather.  Perhaps it's a new outlook.  Whatever the case, I knitted this last night.

Still fast, guess I've still got it.

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beth lehman said...

of course you do! i LOVE my necklace bought a year ago by my college besties for my 40th birthday. i loved your necklaces especially!