Sunday, September 16, 2012


One hundred seventeen. 

~the estimated number of rings I counted on the main trunk of one of three trees that fell about a week ago

~the number of times I may or may not have griped in the past about having to pay insurance of various sorts

~the number of times I'd like to say thanks to our insurance guy for coming through in a big way and covering everything from tree removal to replacement costs of damaged goods (pictured and not) and the associated labor costs to repair

~the number of little leaps my heart took after registering for a little retreat by a favorite author (because when things come crashing down, why not go meditate?)

It has been a busy week with 117,000 other things going on and the tree, well, let's just say I'm not surprised.  I know enough to know by now that when things are crazy they just get crazier in ways we never see coming.

Don't get me started thinking about the other gigantic trees that are right up next to the house that could splinter it into 117 million pieces.  We hope never to see that day.

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