Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time out

My computer is sick. It's been away for several days now and although we've missed it I've managed to survive and realize it isn't a necessity, but I've also come to realize how much we rely on it for the simplest of things.

Going to the library to print out my shipping labels for Etsy orders is a bit time consuming, so is helping the kids with school projects. I get my work assignment every evening by email so I've resorted to checking email on the wii which I never knew was possible but have come to be an expert at it. That it can be done at all this way is remarkable, I guess it's evident I'm still in the Atari mindset.

So you'll have to settle for a photo I took at the end of March last year, I hope it will suffice. I took it just before I bought my new camera and figured it was worth a second go around. It really should only be another day until the machine is fixed, barring any major issues (let's hope there are no major issues). The kids will be happy for me to leave the wii alone, typing emails on it is seriously laborious!

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