Saturday, March 6, 2010

Back in business

It was the kind of week where if one thing went wrong a thousand little other things went wrong as well. We've had a bit of technology overhaul around here and though I tend to cringe the whole way through and hope we're making the right decisions, it sure it nice when it's all said and done. From the computer to the cell phones, DVR box to the kitchen sink, kids research projects, school conferences, birthday parties, and even baby tooth pulling to make way for the adult ones coming in, it certainly hasn't been a dull week around here.

All the while I'm reeling thinking of how different our lives are now than just a few short years ago. Back then I was one of those people who didn't check email but once every week or two, used my cell phone only in cases of emergency, had no idea what a "text" was and had children who were happy playing in the dirt. Well, I guess they are still happy playing in the dirt, but they've become quickly aware of what itunes are, how to do anything and everything with a wii and can surf the web which is a scary thought especially when my son is looking up "how to make lego bricks" on and "how to kiss" pops up in the search window. Great at age 9.

At any rate, we're slowly putting the necessary information from our old computer onto the new one and so my pictures are currently dormant in a little electronic box that sits next to the computer, ready to be transferred over. So please enjoy the little green shoots above from last Spring. I think we can all use a little visual prompting to really get us in the mood for Spring. Given that it's supposed to be in the 60's here today I know I'll be pining away for more nice weather and hopefully I'll be walking about with my camera in hand.

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